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Minneapolis has tradeshows, conferences and a convention center to offer every visitor.  With exhibitors filling the Convention center, it's important for the city of Minneapolis as well as other cities to join and attend each and every convention.  Exhibitors from around the world are available to share their knowledge and sell their products.
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Minneapolis Convention Concierge
Exhibitorhost.com is proud to offer exhibitors as well as attendees the opportunity to take advantages of the deals that Minneapolis has to offer.  Minneapolis has excellent hotels, restaurants, attractions, and events to offer while attending any convention.  Not only do we allow everyone to find great deals in Minneapolis but we also allow the residents of Minneapolis to take advantage of great deals when attending that next convention, no matter where it's located in the United States.  Top restaurants and hotels in Minneapolis are available for any size group.  Minneapolis also offers all types of transportation.  Whether it's a rental car or a private car, let Exhibitorhost find what you need in Minneapolis.

Conventions are held throughout the year in Minneapolis as well as in cities across the world.  A Trade show or conference is held to let everyone know of new products and ideas of the future.  A convention has several hundred exhibitors located in booths across the Convention Center.  By having conventions and convention centers in cities across the United States, this creates hundreds of jobs and helps the economy.  Trade shows or conferences are pieces of the puzzle for every city.  The amount of revenue a convention brings to a city is unbelievable. 

Exhibitors that visit Minneapolis as well as other cities are pretty much lost, not knowing what to do and where to go!  This is where ExhibitorHost comes in!  We'll send out email alerts letting the exhibitors know exactly where to go in Minneapolis as well as other cities.  It could be dangerous not to have an idea of where to go!  This is the reason why we've created this site to give every exhibitor a heads up of where to go, supplying maps, directions, convention details, and more.  By having our convention concierge, this also makes it even easier for that next convention.  With the click of a button, airfare, hotel, transportation, and restaurant reservations can happen.  This eliminates any headaches and worries. Take advantage of our site and be safe attending that next Conference!